We are primarily focused on the role of the immune system in diseases of the cardiovascular system, but are generally interested in remodeling of soft tissues.

General Research Areas

Cardiovascular Mechanobiology

We are interested in the role of the cell-cell adhesion protein Cadherin-11 in promoting cardiovascular remodeling associated with coronary heart disease

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Vascular Biomechanics

We are interested in the mechanobiological mechanisms underlying regional vascular remodeling associated with chronic hypertension

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Biomechanics and Inflammation

We are interested in the relationship between biomechanics and inflammation in the context of soft tissue remodeling

Bersi et al. JRSI 2017 | Bersi et al. 2021
Novel Mechanical Testing Approaches

We are interested in developing new approaches for mechanical characterization of geometrically-complex tissues

Bersi et al. JBME 2015 | Bersi et al. BMMB 2019 | Bersi et al. Sci Rep 2020
Cellular Mechanics

We are interested in the measurement of cellular mechanical properties in health and disease

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We thank all of the organizations that have funded our research